Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What does Information Governance Solutions offer?

Information Governance Solutions (IGS) offers

  • The best available research on legal and other requirements for Information Governance programs
  • Expert guidance on best practices for records retention, privacy, legal holds, file plans, and other IG areas
  • Content type taxonomy assessment and development
  • Legal hold program assessment and development
  • Information Governance Policy development
  • Information Governance program assessment, planning, and implementation strategy

Question: Can I have research and recommendations delivered as legal opinion?

Yes. IGS works closely with law firms to deliver IG information as legal opinion where appropriate. IGS has delivered many projects in conjunctions with Rimon PC, a global boutique law firm where IGS CEO John Isaza chairs the Information Governance practice.

Question: Do you offer software for retention management?

IGS will release in Q4 of 2014 the VIRGO system for online retention schedule management. It features the industry’s easiest to use interface, global collaboration, the leading international legal research, expert mapping of citations to record series, and guru level support which allows any type of retention question to be answered by an expert.

Question: How does IGS research map to our retention schedule?

IGS has developed an algorithm that maps regulatory retention and governance requirements against record series (aka classes or categories) names and descriptions which is then reviewed by experts. The result is a regulatory report for each record series, from which you can determine the defining regulation such as the one with the longest retention period or the regulation that best suits your organization’s business needs.

Question: How will I know when to take statutes of limitations for tax, contracts or escheats into account?

Our research results include a type of citation called “Other Considerations.” These include statutes of limitations that other organizations have considered as retention authorities for certain record series, for example, “Contracts”. And if preferred, you are able to set your own custom retention period to suit the demands of your business units.

Question: What if my organization does not have a retention schedule?

We offer retention schedule templates which can be used to develop a retention schedule that is just right for your organization. In addition, our expert consultants are at your disposal should the needs of your organization require expert precision for its retention schedule development.

Question: What if we simply want the research and nothing else?

No problem. IGS can supply the research you need through Virgo. If you are a consultant or an attorney, for instance, you can directly control the retention schedule and which regulations are mapped to each record series. You and your client will have the best possible experience if you collaborate on the retention schedule using Virgo, but you can also export the data if you wish to use other retention schedule development tools. We strongly recommend purchasing our mapping feature because of its best practices precision and built in expertise, but it is not required and you are able map citations to record series yourself.

Question: How frequently is the research updated?

The research is constantly updated as we are engaged by various clients on a regular basis. However, for budgeting and your internal logistical purposes, we recommend checking for updates once per year for the United States and Canadian regulations, and once every two to three years for all other jurisdictions outside the U.S. and Canada. If you require a more frequent update cycle, please contact us.

Question: Does IGS or its products offer legal advice?

No. IGS offers professional opinion when engaged as consultants. Our subscription based products and services provide regulatory research and management tools for the customer to use at their discretion. However, through the partnership of our co-founder, John Isaza, at Rimon, PC, we can provide a referral for delivery of retention schedule information as legal advice.

Question: Who conducts your research?

Our research is conducted by skilled domestic and foreign attorneys, paralegals and researchers with decades of experience in the field. We use the services of local and regional resources to uncover the most obscure jurisdictions and requirements.