Legal Research

Legal Research

The Highest Quality International IG Legal Research Available

Over 195 global and domestic Jurisdictions across dozens of industries.

The IGS Regulatory Database contains the world’s most comprehensive collection of international records retention requirements for almost every industry. Our database includes detailed rules and regulations for 135 national jurisdictions, plus the United States and Canada at the federal, state, provincial, and major local government levels, as well as trade organizations.

We are the legal research and best practices recommendations solution for companies of all sizes.

No two companies are identical and even organizations in the same industry are subject to a myriad of rules based on jurisdictions or size. A 100 employee private company based in Los Angeles would be subject to fewer rules than a 100,000 employee private company that has offices in 10 different countries. Placing yourself under too many unnecessary regulations can be detrimental to the performance of your operations. On the other hand, not complying with enough regulations can place you at high risk in the event of legal holds, litigation, etc. Having a Records Retention Schedule (RRS) tailored specifically to your business ensures a safer, efficient, and more accurate application of policy to the appropriate records.

We offer Research and Recommendations Tailored to Your Needs

IGS uses advanced, proprietary software for linking regulatory requirements to record series in a retention schedule. This regulatory mapping is further enhanced with our review and recommendation services for additional precision and compliance. Records Retention Schedule Templates for a wide variety of industries are also available. This allows our clients to utilize records standards for their industry, as well as to kickstart a records retention schedule development or make-over project. The proven IGS methods have been used for years to customize regulatory reports for customers in complex, highly regulated industries including oil and gas, energy, manufacturing, automotive, banking, and insurance while drastically reducing their cost of compliance.