Retention Schedules


The RRS is the critical basis for many Information Governance activities. When you get this wrong, most other IG projects follow suit.

An up-to-date and accurate Records Retention Schedule (RRS) is fundamental to a largely defensible records management program. An accurately execute RRS lowers the costs of security and compliance while it increases privacy and quality.

An organization cannot achieve the benefits of proper Information Governance without implementing a defensible retention schedule.

The RRS is your first line of defense to justify records disposition in the event of discovery or agency investigations.

IGS provides industry specific or general back office RRS templates to get you going or to get you on track. We map the specific legal requirements to each records category and keep them updated for ongoing compliance.

Our RRS Templates are backed by years of experience in the records management industry. They are simple, easy to understand, and will save you time from having to create the RRS yourself.

Many of the largest and most regulated companies in the world rely on IGS to keep their retention schedule current and compliant.


When it is time to customize the RRS to your specific organization, our consultants guide you with “Gold Standard” expertise. Whether you are consolidating records categories, discovering the needs of your business units, developing policies and procedures, training, or auditing, turn to IGS for dependable and defensible certainty on your Information Governance options.

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