Thought Leadership

We see the future because we are helping to create it

We help get your Information Governance program on track. IGS provides unparalleled quality and expertise in Records Retention Schedule management and Legal Research for all aspects of Information Governance.

Our Consultants are market leading experts in retention scheduling and information governance legal research.

IGS can help you create or improve your RRS with:

  • Custom Records Retention Schedule Creation
  • Consolidating an existing Records Retention Schedule
  • Conducting domestic or global records inventories
  • Reviewing and validating a Records Retention Schedule
  • Generally Accepted Record Keeping Principle Assessments
  • Developing RIM Policies and Guidelines
  • Developing Legal Holds Programs
  • Developing other Information Governance related policies and procedures
  • Training materials
  • Implementation programs
  • Auditing of RIM programs
  • Change Management

The RRS is your first line of defense to justify records destruction in the event of discovery or investigation.

An up-to-date and accurate Records Retention Schedule (RRS) is essential for a defensible records management program. To get you into compliance quickly and correctly, IGS offers:

  • Industry Specific RRS Templates
  • Back-office only RRS Templates
  • Zeroing in on the right regulations for your record series within your RRS
  • Ongoing Regulatory Updates for perpetual compliance

Our RRS Templates are backed by years of experience in the records management industry. They are simple, easy to understand, and will save you time from having to create it yourself.