Getting Rid of ROT:

A Q&A on Data Disposition With John Isaza

Almost all the data in your possession is ROT. That’s “redundant, outdated, or trivial,” data that rarely serves a purpose. According to some estimates, 70 percent or more of stored data is ROT. Yet many organizations hold on to useless data for extremely long periods, at significant cost—often because it can be difficult to tell the proverbial “baby” from the “bathwater.” Throw out both, and you could find yourself facing stiff regulatory repercussions, spoliation sanctions, or worse.

To get an idea of how the experts are tackling these issues, Logikcull recently spoke to John Isaza, a partner at Rimon Law. The head of that innovative firm’s information governance and records management practice, Isaza is recognized as a leader on records and information management, eDiscovery, and legal holds. In addition to his practice, Isaza has also created software, called Virgo, to aid organizations in retention compliance across over 200 global jurisdictions.

In our conversation, Isaza walks us through two case studies involving some of the biggest data challenges today: defensible data disposition and the treatment of “big data.”

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