Virgo Employee Portal Setup

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The Virgo Employee Portal makes it easy to publish a dynamic, searchable Retention Schedule for your end users.  While the Employee Portal has been designed to work with multiple portal solutions, our SharePoint Add-in allows you to install and deploy the Virgo Employee Portal to an existing SharePoint site in minutes.

You will learn how to install and setup the add-in, and insert and customize components.


  • SharePoint Online (Office 365), SharePoint 2013, or SharePoint 2016
  • Full Control or higher permissions on your SharePoint site
  • Virgo subscription or trial (sign up for a Virgo account)
  • Virgo user with the Portal User security role
  • Virgo user with the Portal Admin or Administrator security role

The Virgo Employee Portal for SharePoint can be deployed on Office 365 or on an on premise solution.  If you are interested in deploying the Employee Portal to an intranet that is not based on SharePoint, please click here to open a support case.