Adding Content Types


Virgo allows you to track the Content Types (or examples, record types, information types, etc. depending on your terminology) that apply to each Record Series. Content Types add a level of detail to your schedule that makes it much easier to find the correct Record Series in which to classify your records. Content Types also make it easier to map or validate the legal citations relevant to the record series.

Here are some key facts about Content Types in Virgo:

  • There is no limit to the number of Content Types you can associate with a record series.
  • If you have entered a Content Type into the system before, it will be suggested as you type.
  • You may enter new Content Types directly into the field on the Record Series detail view.
  • Virgo will show a “collision warning” if you associate a Content Type with more than one Record Series.
  • As you add and remove Content Types, your changes are displayed on screen, but they are not saved with the Record Series until you click Save.