Information Governance & Privacy: Demystifying Defensible Disposition

Webinar recorded on June 18, 2019

“Rotten Records Syndrome” affects many organizations. You might have this silent but lethal governance assassin if you keep information forever, don’t do a great job of tracking it, don’t stay current with legal and regulatory record-keeping requirements and aren’t automating the governance and destruction of information across your systems.

Recent technology advancements such as those provided by Information Governance Solutions and other providers are making automation, enforcement and protection more efficient and productive. Join us to understand how leading companies are keeping current with changes in legal and regulatory record-keeping requirements, automating destruction and reducing their risks.

The Push & Pull of Privacy vs. Retention Compliance!

Webinar recorded on February 19, 2019

Since the passage of GDPR and most recently California’s Consumer Privacy Act, organizations are facing disparate edicts from privacy compliance versus records retention compliance. For instance, how long should personnel files containing personal information be retained if a former employee demands return of his data per privacy regulations, but the organization has a retention requirement of 40 years after termination of the employee?

7 Steps for Legal Holds

Webinar recorded on February 12, 2019

Based on his book 7 Steps for Legal Holds of ESI and Other Documents, Mr. Isaza will walk the audience through the 7 steps recommended for managing legal holds and their impact on records and information governance professionals. In this presentation, Mr. Isaza will also discuss recent case law dealing with legal holds and their impact on cloud based repositories including social media.